The biggest secret of all successful Startup Founders is that, like legendary rock ‘n ‘roll stars, they know how to find, build and inspire a unique team!

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“There is the sun, there is the moon, there is the air we breathe, and there is the Rolling Stones.” Keith Richards

We all have something we are a part of, be it a family, a community, a sports team, or a religion. It’s our little speck in the big blue dot — the world as a whole.
Something magical happens when the right combination of people come together. Like legendary rock ’n’ roll bands, startups need a certain chemistry among their members to flourish.

Keith Richards is certain of this : “Chemistry was one of those subjects in school…

The 3 principles of a genius Russian engineer and how to use them to avoid becoming a ghost in life and entrepreneurship. It is not the strongest of the species or the companies that survive, nor the most intelligent. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.

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Scientists and entrepreneurs have a word for how solutions arise from failure: evolution. Often described as the survival of the fittest, evolution is a process driven by the failure of the less fit.

Evolution is wiser than we are.

Limited resources, the attempt to survive in alien environments, or the transformation of an existing biological whim into a completely new function leads to new and amazing innovations.

Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change .The business world knows it well: “Do not be a BlackBerry; innovate before it’s too late”. In recent years, Blackberry underestimated time and momentum and…

Mountaineering is a significant challenge. Its rules and principles save lives and have a lot to teach entrepreneurship and startuppers. When you create and explore you know profoundly that fate loves the fearless.


Humans have always climbed mountains for pleasure or glory. Their dream of standing alone on a mountain peak above others and dominating nature is ancient.

Mountaineering is a significant challenge.

Generates immense pressure, but also motivation.

The process and principles of mountaineering have a lot to teach the world of entrepreneurship and business start-ups.

Creating a business unicorn is like climbing the Himalayas.


How to see what is the essential in business and in life before the other person has even finished the sentence. The amazing skills of video gamers and investors like Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger.

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“The rabbit runs faster than the fox, because the rabbit runs for his life, while the fox runs only for his dinner.” Richard Dawkins, The Selfish Gene.

Warren Buffett is one of the best investors and investment mentors of all time. From 1956, when he founded his first company to our days, he loves and plays the game of value investing. …

In science every attemp to find a new vaccine or drug is an open question.We never know until the last yards what the answer will be. That’s the lure and the curse of scientific method.The vaccine hunters have a lot of scientific methods and skills to win the game in their favor, but they are always at the mercy of the shuffler of the cards.

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In a record time of just a few months, more than one hundred and fifty vaccines have entered to development, several of which have already begun to be tested on humans.

The discovery of new…

Is Google’s search engine a matrix of the AI Universe?

The quest to answer 4 billion Questions every day!

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It has taken me half a century but, finally; I had a prophetic dream last week.

I saw John Wayne in “The Searchers”. The dream reassembled one of the most famous of all John Ford shots, one of the search party galloping away in a valley, as Indians ominously ride parallel to them, silhouetted against the sky.

The film is about an obsessive quest. The niece of Ethan Edwards (Wayne) is kidnapped by Comanches who murder her family and burn their…

Humans are not only bound by predetermined destinies, but are also capable of great and innovative creations that defy expectations. The secret of Light in Hagia Sophia has an awesome power.

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Hagia Sophia has a unique history. Since its inauguration, its use has changed multiple times and the church remained standing and sacred despite earthquakes, fires and raids for more than 1500 years.

By consensus Hagia Sophia, also known as the Church of the Holy Wisdom built at Constantinople (now Istanbul, Turkey) in the 6th century (532–537 AD) under the direction of the Byzantine emperor Justinian I is the most important Byzantine structure and one of the world’s great monuments.

Numerous legends have been associated with it ever since it was first built.

It was a time when the king in…

Do we travel to find or to lose our true selves?

“The good traveler leaves no traces” Lao Tzu

My girlfriend was very telegraphic in communicating with me. You do not understand, she told me, that people need to travel to forget themselves and their daily lives.

The whole point of holidays for her was to take a break away from oneself, escape from familiar structures and routines, troublesome Freudian deep thinking of the sort of “To live or not to live” and just spend a few days getting drunk without a worry in the world.

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If one wanted to psychoanalyze himself or herself and make a dive into oneself as…

The Lost Art to Explore our inner lands demands a change to our habits and a new approach to travel .

It is the year that astrologers and futurists fell completely out of their predictions. The same thing happened unfortunately with travel influencers and aficionados.

All you have to do is look at the headlines on Medium last January and a few weeks before. The proposals were attractive. Diving in the luminous beaches of Thailand, explore the hidden wildlife of Indonesia, discover the temples of Maya but are all now out of the discussion. Coronavirus is here and there, threatening everything and everyone.

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So where can you travel right now on this blue sphere and have a great time? Explore the…

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