The biggest secret of all successful Startup Founders is that, like legendary rock ‘n ‘roll stars, they know how to find, build and inspire a unique team!

“There is the sun, there is the moon, there is the air we breathe, and there is the Rolling Stones.” Keith Richards

We all have something we are a part of, be it a family, a community, a sports team, or a religion. It’s our little speck in the big…

The 3 principles of a genius Russian engineer and how to use them to avoid becoming a ghost in life and entrepreneurship. It is not the strongest of the species or the companies that survive, nor the most intelligent. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.

Scientists and entrepreneurs have a word for how solutions arise from failure: evolution. Often described as the survival of the fittest, evolution is a process driven by the failure of the less fit.

Evolution is wiser than we are.

Limited resources, the attempt to survive in alien environments, or the…

Mountaineering is a significant challenge. Its rules and principles save lives and have a lot to teach entrepreneurship and startuppers. When you create and explore you know profoundly that fate loves the fearless.

Humans have always climbed mountains for pleasure or glory. Their dream of standing alone on a mountain…

Humans are not only bound by predetermined destinies, but are also capable of great and innovative creations that defy expectations. The secret of Light in Hagia Sophia has an awesome power.

Hagia Sophia has a unique history. Since its inauguration, its use has changed multiple times and the church remained standing and sacred despite earthquakes, fires and raids for more than 1500 years.

By consensus Hagia Sophia, also known as the Church of the Holy Wisdom built at Constantinople (now Istanbul…

Do we travel to find or to lose our true selves?

“The good traveler leaves no traces” Lao Tzu

My girlfriend was very telegraphic in communicating with me. You do not understand, she told me, that people need to travel to forget themselves and their daily lives.

The whole point of holidays for her was to take a break away from…

The Lost Art to Explore our inner lands demands a change to our habits and a new approach to travel .

It is the year that astrologers and futurists fell completely out of their predictions. The same thing happened unfortunately with travel influencers and aficionados.

All you have to do is look at the headlines on Medium last January and a few weeks before. The proposals were attractive. Diving in the…

Antoine Apla

Storyteller- Entrepreneur- Explorer.

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